Dadddy's Lil Girls

Dadddy's Lil Girls
Charlie, Vicki and Carolyn @ Bass Pro in Spanish Fort

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well we are PLAYOFF BOUND!! We made it to playoffs for the 2010 Football season. GO TIGERS!!! It has been a busy week this week. Courtney has been practicing so much this week. She is making me so proud of her. She is playing all her music with her cast on. The band has added a new song to our show. They are going to be playing BAD ROMANCE by LADY GAGA!! We are playing DALEVILLE tonight. Yes, we are playing on a Thursday night. Next week we are playing the first game in the playoffs. It is against USM Prepatory. So lets keep our finger crossed. Wish us LUCK!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Heart Your Blog

This is my last friend I have to post about . She has a really cute blog and I invite you over to check it out and start learning a little about them.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Beauty Queen!!

Well Carolyn was in her first pageant last night. She was competing for the Little Miss Covington County Fair. She was up against 29 other girls. She was the first on to the stage and she looked great. I told her before we went to get makeup and hair done. She was going to be a QUEEN in my eyes no matter what. She made me proud because she was brave enough to get on that stage and try for the position. When we got there Carolyn walked up and down the stage and made a couple friends. She was so scared and worried. Just looking at her you would have never knew. She took that stage like she was meant to be there. When it came to the end of the contest. They brought all the girls back out and give each one a PINK CARNATION. She stood there and as they called out the winners. You could see her go from excited to upset. I thought she was going to start crying when they did not ever call her number. She looked at me and said I did not win mommy. So since I did not win can I do it again next year and try and get it next year. I told her she could we would hunt all year for her a dress for it.

Monday, October 18, 2010


As the post says. My daughter has a BROKEN ARM. She got injured this past Friday night. She was getting back onto the bus after eating at McDonalds. Some older boys where pushing and shoving and push some others into Courtney. She fell forward and her wrist went the opposite way.  She did not know it was broken or anything. They wrapped it up and iced it down. She was unable to play her music because of the injury. She got home around 1am from the game. The bus driver tells me what happens and I check out her hand. They tell me it is a minor sprang just to ice it down. So she slept with a ice pack on it all night. Well needless to say the next morning her arm was still swelled and I was really worried. She was suppose to have already been back at the school to be getting ready to head to Troy University for Band Day. This is when alot of bands come and join the college band on the field and preform for the fans during half time. Well she had to miss it this time. I loaded her up and we headed to the ER. We checked in and there was 5 people in front of us. I thought we was going to be there awhile, but we wasn't before we could get seated. They called her name for us to come to the back. We was in the room about 5 minutes when the nurse came in and found out what was wrong. She then exited the room and about 15 more minutes pasted and a X-Ray Tech came in and got us. We was off to get some x-rays. They took 4 x-rays. Then he took us back to our room and about 25 more minutes pasted by and a DR and a nurse come back in and told us it was broke. The nurse splinted her arm up and wrapped it. They could not put a cast on it due to it was so swelled. During this whole time Courtney is telling me if it was broke she wants a black cast. Well we went this morning to go get our cast and the Peds Orthopedic DR is not able to put on her cast today, because he is doing surgeries. They did unwrap it and rewrap it so her arm would not be moving since alot of the swelling has gone down. They sent us home and told us to be back in the morning at 8AM. They would take a couple more x-rays and put her cast on. As soon as she gets her cast I will take a picture and post it her for you all to see. 

I Heart Your Blog - Butt Naked Woman's Little Room of Crafty Wonders

This is another of my partners for my swap. She is known as myeow on Swap-Bot. She is from Singapore. She loves doing crafts and DIY stuff. So click on her click above and see all her loves.

I Heart Your Blog - Random Adventures by hippofairy

Here is another partner of mine. She is known as hippofairy on Swap-Bot, but is formally know as Jennifer Okumura.

She is such a great Blogger. She loves to craft and post aboutit. She also loves to show off the swaps she is in. So I invite you on over to check her blog out and get to know her a little better.

I Heart Your Blog - Better Than Naked's Vintage Finds!!

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I Heart Your Blog - Hedgehog and Rabbit's Blog

I would like to introduce you all to another of my partners. She has a really great blog here for her business. She is known as Brooklyne on Swap-Bot, but also know as Lindsay Hartwell. She is a crafter and a mother of 2 boys. She is also pregnent with a little girl. If you would like to know a little more about her post, and about her business. Feel free to click on the link below and have some fun.

I Heart Your Blog - Riechanster

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I Heart Your Blog - Rock 'n Roll stops the traffic

I would like to introduce you all to one of my partners for this swap. Here name is Lima on Swap-Bot, but formally known as Elisa Esposito. She does alot her blogs about her Swaps. I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures and reading about all the goodies that she receives. I invite you over to her blog and do some exploring and learning about her swaps. I have enclosed a direct link to her profile feel free to follower her and read more on her.

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I Heart Your Blog Swap / BlogRoll Call

I am doing a swap on Swap-Bot. It is called I <3 Your Blog! I have decided to do Roll Call and a small post of each partner to give everyone a little Idea of everyone.  So make sure you check out each post to have a small preview of their Blog and feel free to click on there link and travel on over and read more about them and their post. For this swap we had 7 partners. I have listed 5 of the 7 here. I will update this post as soon as I get the others direct links.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Fall Everyone!!

This has been a really busy month. We have gotten moved in and almost completely unpacked now. Courtney has been busy doing band this year. She is marching in the Sound of Gold Band for Straughn School. We have had alot of practices, games and competitions. Also Courtney has broke her arm this month too. It was not her that did it more she got pushed and stomped on tring to get on the bus. Well we go on Monday to get our cast put on. She has choose the color black due to it will match her band uniform.Carolyn is going to be in her first Beauty pageant Monday night. She is entering into the Little Miss Covington County Fair. Vicki has been practicing her music and has decided that she will be playing the Clarinet. Carolyn got all her AR Reading points and got to go to a party this past Friday. Vicki got her points also, but her field trip is this coming Friday. I have also planned on taking the kids to the Scare Crows in the Park over in Opp. We have had a really long month and it is not half over yet. So hope everyone has a great day!! God Bless You All!!