Dadddy's Lil Girls

Dadddy's Lil Girls
Charlie, Vicki and Carolyn @ Bass Pro in Spanish Fort

Monday, April 18, 2011

Let us play catch up...

Well, where do I start? Carolyn and Vicki play softball for there school. Just on different teams b/c of the age thing. Vicki's team has played 3 times, and lost 2 of those. Carolyn's team has played twice and won both. We just had Spring Break here. Carolyn went to Indiana for the week and spent some time with family she has up there. Vicki went and spent the week with my mother. Anytime she is out of school she goes. If she could live there she might would. LOL! Courtney stayed home with me and we done some cleaning that really needed to be done.Our dog Angel had puppies 8 days ago. She started having puppies at around 1:30 in the afternoon. She had her last on at around 9pm. She ended up with 9 puppies. She had 5 boys and 4 girls. Charlie is now working every week in Kentucky. He comes home on Friday night and leaves at lunch on Sunday. He don't have any cell service where they are staying. So the only time I get to talk to him is when he is working up on the mountain. The Mother in Law is leaving in her house for good now, but then again she is talking about going to go stay with my sister-in-law for the summer. The girls where very happy to have moved granny out, b/c they can finally sit in the living room without having to worry about waking her up. Vicki has had ear surgery again. She did better this time than the times before. She has be cleared from the Dr so she can play ball and do everything like other children. I know that this post is a little everywhere, but i figured I would try to get everything caught up in our lives for you all. All the girls had to go to Dentist a couple weeks ago and Everyone was great. Carolyn had to have a tooth pulled b/c it was hurting her. Vicki on the other hand pulled hers, but left 2 pieces of root and they had to remove it for her. They also have change Dentist, b/c the last Dentist was being to rough with Vicki and she did not like him. So we change to one close to the house. It is just not one Dentist there is more than one in the building and they are so good with the kids. The girls said they got TV's in the rooms that you get to watch while they work on your mouth. I have never heard of a Dentist having that. As long as the girls are happy with them is all I care about. I also got a letter from school for Carolyn. It was wanting to put her in the gifted program. So I signed it and asked that they test her again before doing so.  Also we are about to get a pool in a week or so. I am hopeful it will be sooner than that though. So now that we are all caught up and good to go. I will try to keep a weekly post for everyone. Like I said I will try.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It has been a long week.....

Well my week started on this past Saturday. That was the day Charlie headed to Cuba. It was like pulling teeth to get Carolyn off him so he could leave. She did not want him to go. She started to cry as soon as I made her get in the truck so we could leave. She was facing the window and would not turn around and look at me. As soon as I got her to I noticed she was crying. She told me she did not want him to go. I told  her to look at it like he was going to work in Mobile. So then she started to calm down. On Sunday harlie gave us a call and she got to talk to him and she felt alittle better. Later on into Sunday we had to drive over to Opp and pick up her sisters. While we was over there we stopped by Granny Deb's house and spent sometime with her. We got to catch the last of the Nascar race and watch the new 20 year old take home the win. After we picked up Courtney and Vicki. We head home and got ready for the week. On Monday Vicki had a doctors and dentist appointment. So she did not have to go to school because of it. Monday night Charlie called us and let us know he was doing good and that he would be calling us once a day til he comes home. Tuesday morning was slow day. I had to be at the girls school to talk to them about Vicki. Then I headed back home and spent the day at home. I got my truck washed and detailed. I just need to vaccum it out now. Wednesday morning I had to bring my mother-in-law to rehab again. Then I had to go buy the girls some power-aid and baked chips for field day. Then I washed clothes and cleaned up my living room. When Vicki got home she showed me her make-up test and it was a 100 this time. Courtney and Carolyn started cleaning their room up. Around 5pm Charlie gave us a call and talked to us. He was telling me how pretty it is down there. He said it is really hot too. He said him and the guys was going to go bowling when he got off the phone with me. We talked about 15 mins. Then this morning I had to go get my mother-in-law again and bring her to rehab again. This is the last day this week for rehab til next week. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me too. I got to take my truck to the shop and they are going to service my 4wd for me. I got to deliver AVON too. If the girls get their room cleaned we are going to go up to the school and practice hitting the ball and running bases. The are going to be hearing back from the coach soon to see what team they are on. So my week has been busy. I have been wanting to sit down and make some ATC's for trading, but just have not had the time lately. I will be starting some this weekend. I am going to work on the letters A-Z. As I make them I will try to post a pic of each one.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy Monday!!

Well today has been a really busy day. First thing this morning was kinda rough. Got Courtney and Carolyn off to school. Then me and Vicki had to get dressed and head over to pick up Granny Jewel AKA  my MIL.  She had REHAD this morning at 8AM. Then me and Vicki had to head over to the DR to get checked for ADD.  Well Dr. Bang has said that she has ADD. She is having to take one pill once a day  now.  The pill is really tiny so it is not to bad. She looked at it and told me it looks just like her allergy medication. Then she had to be at dentist to have some work done. She pulled a tooth a week or so ago. While she thought she pulled the whole thing out she left 2 pieces of the roots of the tooth. They had to go in and surgically remove the roots today. Then this afternoon we are going to be doing some deep cleaning at the house starting with the Living Room. We going to try to have the whole house done before Charlie gets home. I will be glad when everything slows down at home and there is no more rush rush for a little while.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well Charlie will be home today sometime. We are going to moving his mother back to her house. She is ready to head home, and I am too. Most people would think that is mean to say, but most people just don't know. 

Back to Charlie. Well he is leaving Saturday morning heading to Cuba. We don't know how long he is going to be there. I am not going to be able to talk to him while he is there. So I will not know how he is doing or when he will be heading back home. I am hoping me and Charlie will be able to go over to Dothan before he leaves. I would like to go eat some CiCi's pizza. We also got to go get him some pants for work too.

Carolyn has a Valentine's party today. She had to make a Valentines box for the party. She wrapped it in tissue paper and put heart shapes all over it. She also had to have Valentine cards and chips and dip.

Courtney got her new glasses in on Monday. She also is being staying after school to practice music. She is trying to get ready for the up coming marching season. She has a Valentine's dance tonight. She is wearing a red plaid skirt, with a red shirt, stockings, and dress shoes.

Vicki has not been up to much. She is not as active as the other one yet. She does have a dentist appointment today to have them cleaned. So does Courtney.

Other than that our lives have been a little quiet. Which is unusual for our family.

The Hobbit

I started reading this book on Feb. 5, 2011. I was out of town and was not able to start this post as soon as i started. I have really been enjoying this book. I will not be doing a chapter by chapter post with this book. I will be doing highlights as I go just not chapter post.

The Hobbit
J.R.R. Tolkien

This book is a bout a hobbit named Mr. Baggins. He lives in a hillside. A wizard named Gandalf came by one day. He left a mark on Mr. Baggins front door. The next day a total of 13 dwarfs showed up to his house. The dwarfs was there waiting on Gandalf. They also cleaned up all the dirty dishes for Mr. Baggins. Also everyone spent the night at Mr. Baggins. The next morning Mr. Baggins got up trying to forget about the night before. Gandalf show Mr. Baggins a letter left for him. The he shoved him out the door for his adventure with the dwarfs. He left the house with out anything he needed. He gets to the meeting place where the dwarfs are waiting for him. They have him a pony waiting for him. He also borrows a cloak from Dwalin. They traveled for a long time. It starts to rain on them. They begin to hunt for a spot to stop for the night when they spot a fire in the far. They send Mr Baggins to see what it is. It ends up being some really grumpy Trolls. They continue to look for a place to sleep for the night.

Menu Feb 7 - Feb 13, 2011

I know it is late, but better late than never. LOL! This week has been a really busy week.

Monday - Pizza from Pizza Hut
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Turkey Spam, cheese scrabbled eggs, bisuits
Thursday - Meatloaf, peas, garlic bread, mash potatoes
Friday - Going out to eat (Charlie is leaving heading to Cuba, so we going out to eat)
Saturday - Unknown I am teaching the girls how to cook so I will have to update this one as soon as they tell me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Menu for Jan.31 - Feb.6, 2011

Monday - Chicken Alfrado with homemade Garlic bread
Tuesday - Chili Cheese Dogs
Wednesday - Egg salad Sandwiches
Thursday - Beef Stew and Sandwiches
Friday - Left-over night
Saturday- might go out to eat (kids are gone for weekend) will update when I know for sure.
Sunday - pizza rolls