Dadddy's Lil Girls

Dadddy's Lil Girls
Charlie, Vicki and Carolyn @ Bass Pro in Spanish Fort

Friday, December 31, 2010

House Guest and more...

Well this morning started out great. I got up and my youngest, Carolyn was helping me fix breakfast. As I am fixing breakfast we get a call from the Dothan Hospital that my mother-in-law is coming home. Charlie tells them we will be there as soon as we eat breakfast since I was already cooking it. Well we get done and Charlie starts to play around with me and the girls. He was holding the door to the bathroom shut. When Carolyn starts to come thru the towel closet to the bathroom. He leaves the door to play with her. Courtney think her daddy was till holding the door walks away. I start to pick up something I just dropped on the floor when I hear her coming. Before I could say stop or move the door meets my head. All I can remember is turning around and everything going black. When I started seeing again I was sitting in a recline position on the floor holding my head. Charlie started saying "Oh My God Honey". I then know something is wrong he starts grabbing toliet paper to apply to my head so he can get a cold rag. I tell him that I must get calm and get my blood pressure back down so it will stop bleeding. As I start calming down I want to see what it looks like. I stand up and remove the rag and there it is a huge 2 inch slice in my head. It needs stitches I know it does, but I am hard headed. I told him I was not going to get any. I tell Charlie to go get my bandaids from my room and a pair of scissors to cut the sticky off the sides so I can apply to middle of wound. As I then start applying the bandages as butterfly stitches. The whole time I am being told let's go get stitches I keep saying NO.

Well we leave the house and start to Dothan. I as Charlie to stop at the Enterprise Super Wal-Mart to get some supplies to keep my head bandaged and clean. He asks the lady at the drug store what I can take for the pain and the headache I am having with it. She told me because I have alot of problems with my iron in my blood to only take tylenol.

Now we have arrived over in Dothan to pick up my mother-in-law. She has had her surgery and they did a complete shoulder replacement. When they cut her open more was broke than they knew. She is doing great know. She is still in alot of pain, but she is staying with us for awhile. Charlie went and got her recliner and her cloths. Also picked up all her meds and alot of other stuff she was wanting. She was sitting on the couch til Charlie got home and then she tried to get up. Our couch is a lower seated couch so it was hard to get up off the couch. Her and Charlie went outside to sit on the porch, while I took Courtney to Opp to meet her grandmother for the weekend.

Me and Carolyn stopped by the grocery store and picked up so chicken to make hot wings and also some french fries for supper. While me and her was that close to Fred's we stopped and got some new pans that go on a stove around the elements.

So this day has been such a up and down day. If this is a gleams into the next year time just needs to stand still.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Just a little catch up...

Well, Courtney got her cast off back in November. She did not need surgery and it was about 95% healed. Our football team made it to round 2 of the play offs, but we lost round 2. Also  Courtney had to march in the Veteran's Day parade and had to carry the American Flag.

Well for Thanksgiving we had lunch with Charlie's side of the family. Then we had supper with my parents. Carolyn and Vicki stayed with my mother. Me and Courtney went to the Black Friday sales and got a few presents for everyone. Around lunch time we went and picked up Carolyn and Vicki. Then we drove over to Rite Aid in Opp and got Charlie a electric razor and hair clippers for Christmas.

Now hunting season with a gun has started by this point and the dog hunting days are fast approaching. The first day of Dog Hunting was on Wednesday December 1, 2010. Around 8 AM I get a picture text from Charlie he has killed a doe. Then around 3 PM I get another picture text and it is a huge buck. It was such a great hunting day for him. We took the buck to have it mounted. It will be sometime in the Spring before it is ready to pick up.

Well this week did not start off that great. I get a call on December 13, 2010 around 2PM. Telling me to come to the Andalusia Regional Hospital. My mother-in-law has been rushed to ER due to a fall. She was heading into the Family Dollar and the lady she sits with started to fall and she was going to catch her. Well she did not catch her the lady push her and fell on top of her. She was in X-Ray when i got there. She has a broke shoulder. The ball that is in there is broke all the way off. and she has a broke hip. They sent her home with it immobilized. Then next day my sister-in-law took her to Dothan and they put a cast on her. Now on December 16, 2010 Carolyn had a AR reading party. She had to take a Christmas card to be mailed to our soldiers overseas. Then the next day was the last day of school. Carolyn had to take candy for her party. Vicki had to take candy and chips. Also had to bring a present for a little girl. She took nail polish. School bus ran at the house around 12:30pm. Then Courtney and Vicki went down to their granny's house for the weekend.

Now we are to this past week. Tuesday December 21, 2010 my sister-in-law took my mother-in-law back to Dothan they removed the ast and sent her home til after the Holidays.On Wednesday December 22, 2010. I took the girls to my mother's house. They made cupcakes and decorated them like Santa. Then on Thursday Charlie come home about 8 PM. Then Christmas EVE, we all get up kinda early. Charlie and the girls wrap my Christmas presents they bought for me. They decided to give me one of my gifts early. It was a brand NEW bedspread set. It is 2 shades of brown and has teal also. Charlie worked on his truck and replaced alot of parts on it. While he was working on his truck I was cooking my part of Christmas supper with his family. We left the house around 4PM heading to Brewton for Christmas with his family. While in Brewton we stopped by the Dollar Tree. Then we headed to Charlie's sister's house. His mother since all this has been staying with his sister. While there Charlie gets to spend some time with her. Now on Christmas morning I get up around 8:30 AM and start Vicki's chicken for Christmas lunch. Also I go ahead and start boiling the eggs for my Deviled eggs everyone loves. Around 9:30 AM Charlie gets up and all the girls have eaten breakfast. We begin to open Christmas presents. The girls loved everything they got. Charlie was surprised at all the stuff he gotten. Well for me, I got a new mixer, mixing boil set, glass cookware set, and the Eclipse movie. About noon we headed over to my mom's house. As soon as we walk thru the door my dad yell about time I am hungry. Let's eat! After stuffing our faces the kids open their gifts. Vicki decided she was going to stay with her grandmother. Well we come home around 5PM. I fall asleep on the couch. I wake up around 7PM. At this point I start to feel really bad. I lean over on Charlie and he noticed I had a fever. We start to think who could have gotten me sick. Then we remembered one of his sisters and his nephew showed up to Christmas sick. So they pasted it on to me. Then Sunday morning I get up around 9:30AM and I am still not feeling good. Still got a fever and my throat hurts. Charlie gets up around 10AM and he is not awake but about 30 mins. when he gets a call from his boss that he has to leave at 3PM heading to work. So that has everyone caught up to date on everything. If I don't post befor the New Year! Everyone have a safe and happy new years.