Dadddy's Lil Girls

Dadddy's Lil Girls
Charlie, Vicki and Carolyn @ Bass Pro in Spanish Fort

Monday, April 18, 2011

Let us play catch up...

Well, where do I start? Carolyn and Vicki play softball for there school. Just on different teams b/c of the age thing. Vicki's team has played 3 times, and lost 2 of those. Carolyn's team has played twice and won both. We just had Spring Break here. Carolyn went to Indiana for the week and spent some time with family she has up there. Vicki went and spent the week with my mother. Anytime she is out of school she goes. If she could live there she might would. LOL! Courtney stayed home with me and we done some cleaning that really needed to be done.Our dog Angel had puppies 8 days ago. She started having puppies at around 1:30 in the afternoon. She had her last on at around 9pm. She ended up with 9 puppies. She had 5 boys and 4 girls. Charlie is now working every week in Kentucky. He comes home on Friday night and leaves at lunch on Sunday. He don't have any cell service where they are staying. So the only time I get to talk to him is when he is working up on the mountain. The Mother in Law is leaving in her house for good now, but then again she is talking about going to go stay with my sister-in-law for the summer. The girls where very happy to have moved granny out, b/c they can finally sit in the living room without having to worry about waking her up. Vicki has had ear surgery again. She did better this time than the times before. She has be cleared from the Dr so she can play ball and do everything like other children. I know that this post is a little everywhere, but i figured I would try to get everything caught up in our lives for you all. All the girls had to go to Dentist a couple weeks ago and Everyone was great. Carolyn had to have a tooth pulled b/c it was hurting her. Vicki on the other hand pulled hers, but left 2 pieces of root and they had to remove it for her. They also have change Dentist, b/c the last Dentist was being to rough with Vicki and she did not like him. So we change to one close to the house. It is just not one Dentist there is more than one in the building and they are so good with the kids. The girls said they got TV's in the rooms that you get to watch while they work on your mouth. I have never heard of a Dentist having that. As long as the girls are happy with them is all I care about. I also got a letter from school for Carolyn. It was wanting to put her in the gifted program. So I signed it and asked that they test her again before doing so.  Also we are about to get a pool in a week or so. I am hopeful it will be sooner than that though. So now that we are all caught up and good to go. I will try to keep a weekly post for everyone. Like I said I will try.

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