Dadddy's Lil Girls

Dadddy's Lil Girls
Charlie, Vicki and Carolyn @ Bass Pro in Spanish Fort

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let's play catch up....

Well since my last post. Courtney my oldest has gotten glasses yet again. Carolyn is having a blast in Indiana working out on the fair. Charlie has started fixing the truck. The rear end went out a couple months back and we have finally gotten one. We are hoping it will be up and running by the end of the weekend. Also my father has just had his complete shoulder replacement. They did the surgery on July 15, 2010. He is in the ICU under observation. Also I took the girls on a girls day out shopping trip on Wednesday July 14, 2010. They got alot of new cloths and almost all the school supplies for school. Monday, we will be going to school to get our school supplies list and lockers. I still have not heard about Carolyn's teaher or supplies for this coming year yet. I got a list of all teachers so I am buying everything from all list. I will be covered then.

Also since I am looking to buy a house. We found one not far from where we live. We are working on getting the down payment for it. Hopefully we will get it before someone else does. It will be nice to be buying a house instead of renting it. My mind is so scattered, so I am trying to remember everything I wanted to write. Since school is about to start my post will start getting to be about the adventures of our schooling soon. This year I have 2 in middle school. Lord help me!! LOL!!

My oldest is still going to be in band. She just loves music so much. She has practiced so much it has got me headaches everyday for the last week. But I look at is that she is doing what she loves so I got to deal with it.

Vicki on the other hand will not be in band. She did not keep her grades up this past year. So this year we will be working on that. She wants to get them pulled back up. So here goes late night studing.

Carolyn is so happy to finally be at the new school by herself with out her sisters. I can not say I blame her. All the teachers compare her to her sisters. She is just getting tired of it.

Me on the other hand I am looking to maybe go back to school for something. I am unsure. I am getting tired of sitting at home and cleaning all the time. But we will have to see how that goes too. Well I have rambled on enough for this post. Hope you have a Blessed Day!!

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