Dadddy's Lil Girls

Dadddy's Lil Girls
Charlie, Vicki and Carolyn @ Bass Pro in Spanish Fort

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It has been a long week.....

Well my week started on this past Saturday. That was the day Charlie headed to Cuba. It was like pulling teeth to get Carolyn off him so he could leave. She did not want him to go. She started to cry as soon as I made her get in the truck so we could leave. She was facing the window and would not turn around and look at me. As soon as I got her to I noticed she was crying. She told me she did not want him to go. I told  her to look at it like he was going to work in Mobile. So then she started to calm down. On Sunday harlie gave us a call and she got to talk to him and she felt alittle better. Later on into Sunday we had to drive over to Opp and pick up her sisters. While we was over there we stopped by Granny Deb's house and spent sometime with her. We got to catch the last of the Nascar race and watch the new 20 year old take home the win. After we picked up Courtney and Vicki. We head home and got ready for the week. On Monday Vicki had a doctors and dentist appointment. So she did not have to go to school because of it. Monday night Charlie called us and let us know he was doing good and that he would be calling us once a day til he comes home. Tuesday morning was slow day. I had to be at the girls school to talk to them about Vicki. Then I headed back home and spent the day at home. I got my truck washed and detailed. I just need to vaccum it out now. Wednesday morning I had to bring my mother-in-law to rehab again. Then I had to go buy the girls some power-aid and baked chips for field day. Then I washed clothes and cleaned up my living room. When Vicki got home she showed me her make-up test and it was a 100 this time. Courtney and Carolyn started cleaning their room up. Around 5pm Charlie gave us a call and talked to us. He was telling me how pretty it is down there. He said it is really hot too. He said him and the guys was going to go bowling when he got off the phone with me. We talked about 15 mins. Then this morning I had to go get my mother-in-law again and bring her to rehab again. This is the last day this week for rehab til next week. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for me too. I got to take my truck to the shop and they are going to service my 4wd for me. I got to deliver AVON too. If the girls get their room cleaned we are going to go up to the school and practice hitting the ball and running bases. The are going to be hearing back from the coach soon to see what team they are on. So my week has been busy. I have been wanting to sit down and make some ATC's for trading, but just have not had the time lately. I will be starting some this weekend. I am going to work on the letters A-Z. As I make them I will try to post a pic of each one.

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