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Friday, January 28, 2011

Charlotte's Web

This is the first book I figured I would read. I have read this book before, but I wanted to reread it and any others that are on the list that I have already read. When my daughters come home from school she told me we already watched the movie why read the book. My response to the question or statement was that woods always have more details and are always better than a movie can be. So I started reading the book about 7:00pm on 1/28/2011. I had to stop a couple times before I started this post for a couple reasons. But here goes.

Charlotte's Web
by E.B. White

This book is a winner of the Newberry Honor award. It is also a major motion picture, too.

Chapter 1
This is the morning after Wilbur is born. At this point he doesn't have a name yet. Mr. Arable is about to kill Wilbur. Fern runs to stop her father and does do. She saves the young piglet. Her brother Avery comes down stairs and asks for a pig also. He is turned down for one. His father said only early risers get one. Wilbur gets his first bottle during the end of this chapter. Also on the bus to school is when Fern names her pet pig.

Chapter 2
During this chapter Wilburn has gotten a new place to stay on the farm. He has a pen built underneathe a apple tree. He also walks with Fern to the bus stop and waits for the bus each morning. While she is at school he has to stay locked up.  While Fern is at home Wilbur is allowed to follow her around the farm and house. Fern also takes Wilbur on walks and lets him ride in a babydoll stroller.  During this chapter Wilbur is sold to Fern's Uncle Homer. Uncle Homer buys Wilbur for $6.00. Uncle Homer lives right down the road, too.

Chapter 3
This a funny chapter. Wilbur finds out that a board is loose on his pen in the barn. He pushes on the board and gets out. He takes a stroll and starts to rut under the apple trees. Lurvy and Uncle Homer try to catch him. Uncle Homer brings a pail of slop[ and Wilbur follows him to the barn.

Chapter 4
This is the chapter where Wilbur starts getting really lonely. It is a rainy day and Wilbur doesn't want to eat. He wants to play and has noone to play with. Also this is when everyone finds out the goose is sitting on eggs. Lurvy also gives Wilbur some medication at the end of the chapter. On the last page of the Chapter is when Charlotte speaks to Wilbur for the first time.

Chapter 5
It was a really long night for Wilbur. He was really excited to have a new friend. He barely could sleep. Every little noise awakened him. As the morning sun rised he could not wait anymore. She starts asking loudly for who spoke to him the night before. With noone admitting to it. He goes to eat his slop. As he lays down to take his nap. This is when Charlotte speaks again to him. Wilbur also is unsure how he can be friends with Charlotte due to her way of eating. He will find out she is kind and good-hearted in upcoming chapters.

I started reading today around 1:00PM on the 1/29/2011. I had some errands to run this morning so I could not read. But here is a update on the next few chapters I read.

Chapter 6
School is out now and Fern comes almost everyday to visit.  Goose is a mother now in this chapter. She has 7 little ones.  Templeton aslo takes the egg that did not hatch.

Chapter 7
In this chapter Wilbur finds out he is going to be killed. Charlotte makes him a promise to not let him die.

Chapter 8
Fern goes home and tells her parents the animals can talk. Her mother gets really worried about her.

Chapter 9
Wilbur thinks he can make a web. Charlotte and Fern watch Wilbur try to do it. Also Wilbur asks Charlotte about her plan to save him. She tells him she is working on it.

Chapter 10
Charlotte comes up with a plan to save Wilbur. She will be writting something in her web. Avery and Fern also come to visit the farm. Avery tries to kill Charlotte. He trips and bustes the rotten egg.

Chapter 11
On this morning is when the words SOME PIG are first seen in the web. Mr Zuckerman tells his wife first. Then he goes and talks to the preacher. The secrect gets out and everyone starts to come check out the writting about Wilbur.

Chapter 12
Charlotte calls a meeting of all the animals for the new saying to save Wilbur. They get Tempton to agree to get magazine clippings to help Charlotte.

Chapter 13
In this Chapter Charlotte starts weaving a new word in the web. The word is going to be "TERRIFIC". Also this is when they decide to take Wilbur to the County Fair.

Chapter 14
Fern tells her mom about the stories that was told in the barn. Her mother is so worried about her at this point. She decided to go see Dr. Dorian. The Dr. tells her he believes she hears the animals. Because he can't not understand everything like how a spider knows how to spin a web or spell.

Chapter 15
The crickets are playing their songs. They was playing to let everyone know Summer was coming to a end.

Chapter 16
This is the morning of the county fair. Wilbur gets a buttermilk bath before going to the fair. Wilbur also faints before being loaded on the truck. Templeton and Charlotte also are in the crate to  go to the fair.

Chapter 17
This is when Charlotte meets Uncle. She gets really worried when she sees his size.

Chapter 18
This is when Charlotte's spins her last web. She starts to write "HUMBLE" in the web. Templeton has a field day at the fair because of the foods he is finding.

Chapter 19
Charlotte makes her eggs sac in this chapter.

Chapter 20
This is the chapter where Wilbur gets a special award.

Chapter 21
Charlotte dies in this chapter. Also Wilbur takes her eggs sac back to the barn with him.

Chapter 22
Eggs hatch. They all leave, but 3 that stay with Wilbur.

I finished this book Feb 5, 2011. I was out of town so I was unable to update this.

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  1. This is one of my favorite childhood books.

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