Dadddy's Lil Girls

Dadddy's Lil Girls
Charlie, Vicki and Carolyn @ Bass Pro in Spanish Fort

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh NO!! Rear-ender

As like the title say this is about a wreck. Well Charlie left this morning about 6 Am heading to Mobile for work. He was rushing around this morning and would not slow down. He called me at 9:15AM. He has rear-ended a lady. He said there was no damage to the truck he was driving nor the ladies car.

This is how he said it happened. They was coming of Interstate 65 on the off ramp in Saraland. They lady pulled up to the yield sign and stopped. She sat there a few minutes. She proceeds to get on the road. At this time Charlie goes to look to his left and ease off the brake. As soon as he eases pressure of break. She slams on brakes. He bumps her in the rearend. He said the truck was maybe going 2mph.

When he gets out to check on the lady and call 911 to do a report she asks to go to ER, because she said that he hit her hard and hurt her neck. So needless to say the took her on a backboard to hospital. What makes this so bad is that the women is a RN at the Hospital they are taking her too. This was a company truck that Charlie was driving so unsure if they are going to let him drive anymore trucks because of this. His boss said he was going to let the insurance company handle it since there was no actual damage done to the car.

So I guess you can say: What a day! HUH!


  1. That's a bad day for Charlie! Sorry to hear about that. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and I hope to visit you often to see what you've been crafting!

  2. Hi MsBunni here from swapbot! You have a beautiful family. Sorry to here about the accident, hopefully from here on you will have a fantastic summer! Great Blog