Dadddy's Lil Girls

Dadddy's Lil Girls
Charlie, Vicki and Carolyn @ Bass Pro in Spanish Fort

Sunday, June 6, 2010

SURPRISE around every corner.

It has been a couple weeks since I have updated whats gone on. So here goes. We took Carolyn to Fort Pickens in Pensacola, FL on May 22, 2010. She really liked it. She had alot of questions about the walls and canons. We then took the scenic route to Destin, FL. We got a hotel for the night. We did not know we would be spending the night anywhere. So we went and got some new cloths and also got Brand new baiting suits for the season. She got a black OP baithingsuit with hot and neon colors on it. I got a Brown OP with orange and pink on it. We took her to the pool to let her play. She can not swim, so we was trying to teach her how to. She started doggy paddleing pretty good. We played to about 10 mins before the pool closed. We went back to the room and got ready to head to the beach. She was looking for shells to begin with, but then her daddy got her sand crabbing. He would hold the flashlight on the crab and she would sneak around to toss the net on him. Everytime she catch one she just smile really big and squeal. It just made our day seeing her have fun. She caught about 20 crabs. Well when we started to get ready to go her and daddy let them all go. Those crazy crabs started run towards me and I left them behind laughing at me. I think they did that just to laugh at me.

Also the girls are out of school now. Courtney made the A&B Honor roll. She will be going into the 6th grade this coming school year. Vicki did not make the Honor roll, but she will be entering into the 5th grade. Carolyn made the Straight A honor roll. She will be in 2nd grade this coming school year.

Carolyn has left for the summer. She has went to Indiana to her Dads house. He works doing carnival games. So she is with him working most of the time. She has rode every ride except a few. I will keep posting more on her trip in other post.

Courtney and Vicki are ready for VBS (Vacation Bible School) to start up. There first one is tonight at 5:45pm at a local church. Then they got a daytime one in the morning at 8:30am at another local church. The one tonight will be everynight til Thursday. The one in the morning will be every morning til friday morning, but they have a Family Fun Night on Friday Night.

Also my Birthday was June 2. It was a ok day. I just stayed home all day in my night cloths. I will be haven something for my birthday. My hubby is taking me to Shipwreck Island on the 19th of June. My parents are also going with us, too. We will be staying the night down there.

Vicki went to the Allergy Specialist. Well she is allergic to cats ( I think most people are), Grass (another most people are), Dust mites (both kinds), Mold (7 types), and PORK. Do you realize pork is in almost everything you can buy. Well the doctor give use EpiPens. So we have them in case something happens.

Courtney went to the dentist and had 2 teeth pulled one on top and one on bottom. Her mouth is still sore she said. She had this done on Monday June 1.

Well now that we are all caught up. This weekend we worked in the yard andcut the grass and cut down some bushes. We also are about to go wash the company truck and get everything ready for another week in the Nowling household. So everyone have Great day!! Hope to heard from you soon. Bye til the next post.

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